Tuesday, March 11, 2008

The Happiest Month

The calendar reminds us chill no longer in the air

Cold days are getting longer warmer feelings everywhere

It's been a while since Punxsutawney had his fill of darker hue

The beach starts to look inviting as we lace our baseball shoe.

Lenten season soon left wanting comes again to stir us all

Those Sunday morning soulful soirées do prepare us for the call

But for all those many splendors stands out one, O greatest joys

March brings with it celebrations of our two, our Greatest boys.

The one he is a jumper and the other turns a phrase

They both soon know the other more than just a passing phase

Be they mugging for the camera or firmly standing, like a boy

They hang like a Christmas stocking filled with insulated joy.

Watch them when they're not looking and you'll see them at their best

When they're dealing with a colleague getting something off their chest

It may look like something simple to our oh-so sketchy eye

For in playground negotiation lays our future bye and bye

We all want something better and for this keep do we try

Another generation for another piece of pie

We have so much to give that it seems endless does our love

For it comes from somewhere deeper and it rains down from above

There's no reason for any goodness as there's no reason for the bad

One dines on what is on the table and washes with the fad

Be honest to goodness youth firm and bold in word and deed

The love you give us parents is the only thing we need.

So ring in one and twenty come again soon sons thirteen

The calendar lays open….



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