Monday, June 9, 2008

Marine Corps Celebrity Classic

Saturday June 7, 2008:

Day One of the tourney was hot and a golfing struggle. I did enjoy the company of former Senior Tour player Dick Goetz, and his wife, as well as being paired with Jim Hart and Gorman Thomas, however. Also, my caddie Tom and his son Tommy were a joy to be with. The evening's "Family Night" at Hill Field was warm and friendly. We sang "God Bless America," led by Doug Flynn, to the crowd assembled for the fireworks. (See accompanying pictures) My good friend Michael Teig joined me this week in the BOQ, caught up on pressing TigerLight web-work, and enjoyed the fellowship and great cause on offer at the Marine Corps Celebrity Classic. Please see for the new light/spray combo given away.
Sunday June 8, 2008:

Paired with John Congemi and Buddy Shelton, the trick shot artist, on the final day was great. John is a very good player, a la Freddie (Couples.) Being the first tournament back after January's ski injury at Park City, expectations were low and my subsequent scores were high. Not traveling my bag meant easier airport transfers but I missed my Bridgestone Irons and Bobby Jones woods. Did play nine holes, however, at today's final round with the new El Diablo driver from Krank Golf, new equipment sponsors at the Marine Corps Celebrity Classic, having borrowed it from Chris Mohr's son Garrett who won it at Silent Auction night at the New River Hanger. Birdies on Paradise Point's Par 4 8th and Par 3 16th helped the golf part end on a good note. My friend from MCCC One (2004), Marine Captain Mike Bradford picked me up from the Bachelor's Officer Quarters for a comfortable ride to Jacksonville Airport. Their daughter Devon is graduating from high school and they have a busy week ahead. Mike has done four tours as an infantry Captain, in Fallujah, Ramadi and other hot spots and I was happy to hear that on the last tour he lost no Marines to combat casualty, a sign of relative calm for sure. His new posting is as a trainer at the new MARSOC (Marine Special Ops) Facility being readied for this September.

Below: Jim Hart, Alex Hyde-White, Dick Goetz, Gorman Thomas: MCCC Day One Pairing

Family Night at Hill Field: Osprey (above), Fireworks (below)

Thursday, June 5, 2008

Pictures from MCCC Golf

Paradise Point Golf Course, on base at Camp Lejeune, NC. Today was day one of the 5th Annual Marine Corps Celebrity Classic: Troop Scramble Day. This is the day where we play with active duty Marines. Warm on the course, but with the steady wind pleasant. I was paired with 29 year old Demolitions Sgt. John Leavens, who was joined by his wife Sabrina and six year-old son Damien on the back nine. John was a construction worker back home who joined the Marines after some workplace accidents injured his arms. “Heck, if I was going to get injured I figured I may as well join the camouflage gun club that we call the Marine Corps and have some real fun, “were his thoughts. Recently re-enlisted, John made Sgt. in a little over three years, just bought a nice home outside of Jacksonville and has a decent golf game. California comedian Scott Henry and Navy CWO4 De Frieze filled out the foursome, and the day was filled with laughs all around especially when, in front of us, play slowed down considerably due to fat white goose sunning by the lake on No. 5. No picture, sadly. The evening function brought players and sponsors together at Commanding General Bob Dickerson’s home, where the recently returned from Iraq, Marine Second Division band performed.