Sunday, January 20, 2008

Pictures from Sundance Mountain

Sundance 2008-Day Two

"All because of Jack, aaall because of Jack..."
is a refrain we sang quite often last year, as parents do. Taking the popular U2 tune and personalizing it to commemorate an event or moment, we'd sing it about school or baseball, creating useful and catchy "brady bunch" moments. Well today was such a day-- the day a snowboarder was born!
Creeping in genetically to a skiing family, Jack approached his first lesson and cruise on a board, at the Sundance Resort, with excitement and confidence. Sundance is a very special place.Turned out as beautifully ith outdoor fire pits and running brooks, genuinely happy staff throughout and no signs of waste or commercialism, save a general store and a ski shop, the site was in great shape for a fine Winter's day. And a fine day it was! Snow conditions were first-class with a six-foot base, morning dusting with afternoon sun and enough moisture under foot to glide with ease. Geared up with a new Rossi board, courtesy of our friend Jonathan at Zermatt's Adventure Haus in Midway, Jack warmed up at the bottom of the hill before hitting the lift with his instructor and one other kid. "I want to show you the Owl Bar," i said to Shelly and we arranged a 2:30 meet at the bottom, as she stayed below to monitor the boy's progress. I took the only lift all the way up to the back mountain and barrelled down. Our drink date was postponed when, upon my arrival at the bottom, i learned that he had taken the lift up. It's a great mountain to learn on for sure, plenty of confidence building slopes in the middle, but it is a long throw on the chair up to even the first get off. So i scooted back up and spied his trio at play. They were boarding allright. HAPPILY! I bombed back down, reported in to Mom and shooed her into to the famous western bar for a lager. Nice. Worked out well. Went back to ski some more.
When meeting up a short while later, Jack stood a bit taller, relaxed and charmed by his successful boarding day. Wanting a few photos more, as Shelly has quite the eye thru the lens, we posed in the center of the oak paneled resort for what folks remarked would be next year's Christmas card, it's such a lovely setting, after a large meandering group of people cleared thru. The day complete, we took in some final images on the veranda as the group emerged again, passing directly in front of us. It was U2's Bono and the Edge, and friends, being shown the place by host and founder Robert Redford. "I want to show them the Owl Bar," he said.

Friday, January 18, 2008

Sundance 2008- Day One

We drove up from Santa Monica, leaving 4:30 pm on Wednesday, Jan. 16. Two hours later we had dinner in LaVerne after traveling 50 miles. Hit the I-15 North, climbing the hill to the high desert. Trip punctuated by moments of anguish as the Fuel light came on in the middle of the Mojave desert between Barstow and Baker. "Dear God," i finally said a silent prayer, "please let there be a gas station soon." And sure enough, over the next ridge was a neon sign, G.A.S. So we put in 3 gallons of $4.15 gas, praying is sometimes expensive but necessary, and gleefully pulled in at Baker for a fillup and refreshment.
Thursday 12:30 am: arrived OASIS Mesquite, NV stayed in a $29 warm and comfy room, won $17 on 50-cent slots. Distance: 387 Miles. Time: 7 Hours

Thursday 0830: Mesquite to Sundance, UT arriving 2:30 pm through Bryce Canyon and the snowy plains. Pulled in the the lower parking at Sundance Resort walked around and checked out the Snowboard School. Had a coffee and a hot chocolate, showed off the Owl Bar and was greeted by Jeff, who was transpo on MOOLA, Don Most's movie we filmed up here in Provo in Nov. 06. Nice welcome, plan on skiing the mountain on Saturday.
4:30 pm:Arrived Zermatt Resort in Heber City to a nice double room with kitchenette, good parking, and a pool, spa with a swim-thru to the outside. Distance: 330 miles. Time: 7 Hours.
Total Driving: 717 Miles: 14 Hours. Dins at Zermatt, hit the sack by 9:30 after Celebrity Apprentice.