Tuesday, March 11, 2008

The Happiest Month

The calendar reminds us chill no longer in the air

Cold days are getting longer warmer feelings everywhere

It's been a while since Punxsutawney had his fill of darker hue

The beach starts to look inviting as we lace our baseball shoe.

Lenten season soon left wanting comes again to stir us all

Those Sunday morning soulful soirées do prepare us for the call

But for all those many splendors stands out one, O greatest joys

March brings with it celebrations of our two, our Greatest boys.

The one he is a jumper and the other turns a phrase

They both soon know the other more than just a passing phase

Be they mugging for the camera or firmly standing, like a boy

They hang like a Christmas stocking filled with insulated joy.

Watch them when they're not looking and you'll see them at their best

When they're dealing with a colleague getting something off their chest

It may look like something simple to our oh-so sketchy eye

For in playground negotiation lays our future bye and bye

We all want something better and for this keep do we try

Another generation for another piece of pie

We have so much to give that it seems endless does our love

For it comes from somewhere deeper and it rains down from above

There's no reason for any goodness as there's no reason for the bad

One dines on what is on the table and washes with the fad

Be honest to goodness youth firm and bold in word and deed

The love you give us parents is the only thing we need.

So ring in one and twenty come again soon sons thirteen

The calendar lays open….



Saturday, March 8, 2008

Our A Ball Yankees

We had our second game of the new Little League season today, under a warm and clear sky at Stewart Park in Santa Monica. Scoring 10 runs against the Mariners, it felt like Spring! Joshua Segal's mom Joanne brought pizza for after the game, Miller had visitors in from Toronto, and the Eliot boys from England dropped in for a visit, and were most welcome. They practiced with us on Friday, Michael getting a nice hit. I do like those Friday practices, a nice way to end the week and a great way to prime the body and mind for the weekend's game. With three weeks off for Spring Break, it is best to categorize these last two games as " training" practice games. A new division for Santa Monica Little League, "A" ball is machine pitch, with one umpire standing next to the machine. Everyone bats, but only ten players take the field on defense. Frank Gress has good hands and looks comfortable at second base. Ben Rothenberg has the steady manner of a first baseman. The infield is big so none of our charges can be expected to make too strong a throw from third base or shortstop, but both William and Jack look good over there. Catchers are Chris, who had a great game today going three for three, that he easily won the game ball; Miller, William, Jack, Joshua and…anyway, there is a healthy group of willing catchers.
"Learning to walk before running" has been the motto of the first two weeks. Now, with ten runs on the board after the second game—the result of some key base hits due to speedy running to first—the Santa Monica A Ball Yankees may indeed come back after the break a cohesive hitting and fielding team that employs fair play, good sportsmanship and healty age-appropriate competition. Scoring is kept at the division level with runs tallied but there is no loser. Having said that, our boys do want to "win" and, if parents can take them out in the late afternoon sun now that Daily Savings time kicks into it's Spring mode, and throw and field then we will be far along our happy season's journey.

Thursday, March 6, 2008

Announcing our new webmanager.

Marina Palacios of Sao Paulo Brazil is responsible for the new look on my website. Thanks to her, i can stay current with friends and other inquiring persons. She lived with us in Santa Monica for a time while she studied English, which came easy for this cosmopolitan traveler. She came skiing with us, went to Disneyland, even brought her man Gui back for a lovely repeat stay last Summer, 2007. Thank you Marina, for the new dynamic look to my site and for helping me keep up with fans and friends. Love, Peace and Health to you always. Alex Hyde-White

Our MonaVie Story: Why we are drinking the juice!

MY STORY Dear Inquiring Friends, Let us tell you about why we are enthusiastic about MonaVie. Firstly, we like the juice. It's tasty, as expected from a juice drink rich in antioxidents, but not heavy like some. Secondly, it's the story of the way we got in. We first discovered Monavie last Summer 2007 and sort of shook it off. However, we were reintroduced to it earlier this year by some new friends-- a dynamic, healthy, successful couple with multiple and varied businesses who enjoy MonaVie simply because of the daily benefits to their health, and the ever-growing passive income. They were the right models for this new way of doing business. Like them, many people are finding that MonaVie, literally, pays residual benefits in two ways--health and wealth. This time around, the timing was right, and we quickly joined the family of MonaVie distributors. The axiom of "Drink It, Feel It, Share It" is all you need to do to get started, and it's simple! The share comes quite easily, after you feel the benefits of drinking it, 1 or 2 ozs. twice a day. People will want to know about it. In many cases, like ours, we knew of it, we just hadn't acted on it. Well, now we have! If you like it and feel it's healthful effects, then we recommend signing up as a distributor. That too is easy to do. A modest start up cost of a few hundred dollars gets you enough product to begin your adventure with. That's right, a $39 Distributor Kit and a few bottles of MonaVie can be the beginning of what could become a six-figure retirement for you within a few years! One thing you don't need is a background in business or nutrition -- MonaVie has plenty of tools and training to coach you every step of the way. With MonaVie, you will find people who look forward to talking with you about your goals and dreams, and you can be sure we'll be committed to working with you to realize them. Finally, please consider these two points: One, let us acknowledge that social networking is changing the advertising world, enhancing (if not replacing) traditional print and media campaigns with more mobile, interactive models. Old phrases like "put the product in your hand," "you have got to try this!"and "word of mouth" are being put to new use as "relationship marketing" models, employing "one-on-one" methods of building product awareness and driving sales. And...it... is... working!!! For instance, look at the world of independent film and music, they rely on it, Relationship marketing is a growing sector, and it may be the future of advertising. Regardless, when it comes to MonaVie, with sooo many people out there, the future is now! Grab it, seize it, benefit by it. Point two is scientific evolution: nanotechnology has enabled research scientists to work on such a smaller molecular level, with the relevant result that we--the Human race--have been rewarded with the almost supernaturally dense Acai berry, the hidden gem of the Amazon. It's been there for a long time but we've only just "discovered" the clean, healthy and positive medicinal benefits of the fruit. You know, MonaVie may even help combat global warming! It's true, just look at the MonaVie Video or DVD to see the impact that this indiginous fruit is having on the rain forest. Finally, and most importantly, personally speaking we feel there is much to gain from drinking MonaVie, as a customer or a distributor. Take it from your actor, film producer, corporate consulting, theatre directing friend--the business of show can be an energy drain. I really like my pour of MonaVie and, even more importantly, I can tell that...it...likes...me. My wife Shelly is jogging without as much knee pain, even after her Summer 2006 scoping at Kerlan-Jobe. She is a real down-to-earth gal. Not pushy or aggressive and when i see her talk about the juice to friends i know. MonaVie is for real. Join us! Send us a line and we'll be happy to talk to you about it. Have a great season! Shelly and Alex Hyde-White of Santa Monica, CA

Tuesday, March 4, 2008

In Rehearsals for "The Resurrection"

Casting is complete and we have started rehearsals on "The Resurrection" a one act play by William Butler Yeats for our theatre outreach program at First Presbyterian Church of Santa Monica--Arts In Action. Set on the day of the First Easter, a tumultous time in Jerusalem, the story of three citizen soldiers guarding the Apostles is a work of lyric magnificence from the famed Irish writer and Nobel Laureate. The plot revolves around the three citizens, The Hebrew, The Greek and The Syrian, as they debate the changing face of God in and thru Jesus Christ. Jon Hershfield plays the Hebrew, the character most grounded in the reality of the day. He is a client of my theatrical agency, Geddes, and i was happy to find him that way. Damien Burke plays The Greek, the most mercurial of the three and, my friend and champion competetive skiier Nickolai Stoilov plays the Syrian, whose experience in the outside world uniquely qualifies him to deliver the most exciting, and to many, upsetting news--that something incredible has happened. We are scheduled to run for six performances in The Sanctuary at First Presbyterian Church of Santa Monica at 1220 2nd St., Santa Monica, CA 90401. We open Friday March 28th at 7:30 pm, run same time Saturday March 29th and at 4:00pm on Sunday March 30th with the same performance schedule the following weekend April 4-6. Come see us at the theatre. Thanks. Punch