Tuesday, March 4, 2008

In Rehearsals for "The Resurrection"

Casting is complete and we have started rehearsals on "The Resurrection" a one act play by William Butler Yeats for our theatre outreach program at First Presbyterian Church of Santa Monica--Arts In Action. Set on the day of the First Easter, a tumultous time in Jerusalem, the story of three citizen soldiers guarding the Apostles is a work of lyric magnificence from the famed Irish writer and Nobel Laureate. The plot revolves around the three citizens, The Hebrew, The Greek and The Syrian, as they debate the changing face of God in and thru Jesus Christ. Jon Hershfield plays the Hebrew, the character most grounded in the reality of the day. He is a client of my theatrical agency, Geddes, and i was happy to find him that way. Damien Burke plays The Greek, the most mercurial of the three and, my friend and champion competetive skiier Nickolai Stoilov plays the Syrian, whose experience in the outside world uniquely qualifies him to deliver the most exciting, and to many, upsetting news--that something incredible has happened. We are scheduled to run for six performances in The Sanctuary at First Presbyterian Church of Santa Monica at 1220 2nd St., Santa Monica, CA 90401. We open Friday March 28th at 7:30 pm, run same time Saturday March 29th and at 4:00pm on Sunday March 30th with the same performance schedule the following weekend April 4-6. Come see us at the theatre. Thanks. Punch

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