Saturday, March 8, 2008

Our A Ball Yankees

We had our second game of the new Little League season today, under a warm and clear sky at Stewart Park in Santa Monica. Scoring 10 runs against the Mariners, it felt like Spring! Joshua Segal's mom Joanne brought pizza for after the game, Miller had visitors in from Toronto, and the Eliot boys from England dropped in for a visit, and were most welcome. They practiced with us on Friday, Michael getting a nice hit. I do like those Friday practices, a nice way to end the week and a great way to prime the body and mind for the weekend's game. With three weeks off for Spring Break, it is best to categorize these last two games as " training" practice games. A new division for Santa Monica Little League, "A" ball is machine pitch, with one umpire standing next to the machine. Everyone bats, but only ten players take the field on defense. Frank Gress has good hands and looks comfortable at second base. Ben Rothenberg has the steady manner of a first baseman. The infield is big so none of our charges can be expected to make too strong a throw from third base or shortstop, but both William and Jack look good over there. Catchers are Chris, who had a great game today going three for three, that he easily won the game ball; Miller, William, Jack, Joshua and…anyway, there is a healthy group of willing catchers.
"Learning to walk before running" has been the motto of the first two weeks. Now, with ten runs on the board after the second game—the result of some key base hits due to speedy running to first—the Santa Monica A Ball Yankees may indeed come back after the break a cohesive hitting and fielding team that employs fair play, good sportsmanship and healty age-appropriate competition. Scoring is kept at the division level with runs tallied but there is no loser. Having said that, our boys do want to "win" and, if parents can take them out in the late afternoon sun now that Daily Savings time kicks into it's Spring mode, and throw and field then we will be far along our happy season's journey.

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