Friday, April 25, 2008

Our First MonaVie tasting, with Corinna and Phil Jones

Shelly and I thank you for being a part of our "new floor-warming" party last night.The New Zealand Wines were tasty. How lovely that our guests and co-hosts, Phil and Corinna, having just arrived yesterday, were able to meet our friends, share the Mona-Vie story and have a few laughs. Barry looked great in his new Mona-Vie track jacket! Thanks to the boys for letting us keep the game room, and doesn't that Wii cordless tennis game look fun! Heck, Jack was fishing on it before the end. Speaking of which, you could see why we are hooked on the MonaVie blend of 19 superfruits, starring the Acai berry; it's tasty and effective--and fun to use and work with. Please, y'all, in a few days let me know how it's working for you and next time we do this let the reason be to hear your story. Our homes* will be healthier.
Fond regards, Hyde-White's.*MonaVie tasting partys work well on carpeted floors, too!

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