Monday, July 5, 2010

In the Digital Can

We did it! Filming began Thursday July 1st and ended Saturday July 3rd on Three Days. The Matrix Theatre in West Hollywood turned into Denmark, Tom Badal as the! It was a weekend of atmospheres which culminated in one heck of an event. An audience of over 60 filled the house, which was just about the right number because we rolled 5 cameras. We started the show at 3:40 with live violin music and by 4 pm we were rolling. Did one pickup of the Act break, a couple of extra shots before the interval and again after we were back, which in total took no more that 10 mins including camera reloads--which are fast because now it's a camera card swap out; curtain came down at 8:20. Show ran over 4 hours, which is what i had expected. The audience loved it. It was exciting, perhaps primal in parts because of the nature of the exercise, and the risk of it, to be performing it. I went mad, in a smart way. So did Iva, as Ophelia. She was beautiful. Peter Woodward doubled as Laertes and Player King and was majestic in both. Our man, Michael Allen of UCLA Medieval Studies, was all over it. Bugger it, Mick, we did it. Want to get cracking on finding it under 1.5 gigs of data. Got some ideas. Hope all well with you. Punch

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