Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Three Days prep filming begins.

May 25, 2010:
Filming on our new Hamlet docudrama Three Days has begun. Early interviews and camera test/sfx footage is in the can (actually digital card) on TMG's new Three Days docudrama; video artist and sculptress Tracey Snelling provided the first on camera interview from her Oakland, CA studio upon receiving the prop castle that acts as home, the story's fictional location. And Santa Monica's Moose Lodge provided a great spot for camera testing both the Canon 7D and Panasonic HVX for the green-screen Hamlet's Ghost sequences (see enclosed pictures).

Combining first person interviews and story-telling with modern day digital effects, Three Days revolves around the rehearsal and performance of a staged reading of one of Western civilization's most famous classic tragedies, Hamlet. Logline: A group of actors and others gather to rehearse and perform Hamlet, for radio. Stories ensue as the pressures to pull the show together mount, personalities blossom and crack and, eventually rally (or do they) over the compressed time period of...Three Days. The show shoots June 24-27 in West Hollywood.

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