Thursday, November 10, 2011

Mid-November 2011

We screened at First Pres Santa Monica on Sunday Nov. 6th during the American Film Market to an audience of 50. In the house were Maxwell Caulfield and his lovely wife Juliet Mills, an old friend. My friend Malcolm Needs, the UK writer/director was in attendance as well. It's always a bit odd when good friends who say they will come don't, such is the nature of the business and also a Sunday afternoon. I try to go, though. Didn't get all the laughs that it does in a house of 200 but it got all the tears. First time with final picture AND final sound. So we're done.
We signed with a Producer's Rep, nice enough folks with a mixed reputation led by a real sharp lady. Sales and Marketing is the short end of the game. We're done with the content, and we are gaining traction in the Academic/Educational world which will be good for long-term.

Ran a double ad in Tuesday Nov. 8 Daily Variety, which looked great!

Had a great script meet with our scribe Peter Woodward, on Signal Hill. Some nice twists and turns ahead there.

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