Friday, January 29, 2010

That time of year, again.

Last year, end of January, turning fifty, spent some time with Speilberg, et. al. on Tintin:Legend of the Unicorn (see blogposts). What a peak life and career moment. The thrilling New Mexico summer, along with the European trip in August, made for glorious memories. Fall brought some rewarding personal time, with the boys baseball team of 8 and 9 year olds getting to the final game, and a most friendly holiday season. Career-wise, the fall was slooooow.

Happy New Year!

Sundance was a blast, the whiteout on the mountains made movie-going and meeting up with friends easier. Met a talented and funny Aussie filmmaking duo, and brought them in to a LA meeting while en route back down under. Development of the Three Days docu-drama took on a layer, perhaps, with some production design element provided by visual artists Gina and/or Tracy-- both of whom i ment at the opening of their exhibits on Main St., Park City at Sundance's New Frontier.

Cutting the trip short proved most fortuitous. Glad i drove.
Got back Monday Jan. 25 in good time for a casting meeting at Paramount with NCIS.
The next day, Tuesday, brought me to the Geffen Theatre in Westwood to meet director Randy Arney for an understudy position in the company of Female of the Species, opening next week.

I got both jobs! Wow! Fun. So, here it is that time of year again. Age 51 tomorrow, Jan. 30.

Working two jobs is a must, in this economy--if possible. One is a weeks contract on tv's No. 1 show and the other a seven-week contract with one of the best crews in (West Coast) American theatre. The cast includes Annette Benning and David Arquette. I understudy Julian Sands, whom i have known on and off, thru my friend Neil Dickson, for years.

So God is good, and i am thankful. It's more real now, i feel, as i get older. Awareness of self, awareness of opportunity, letting go to try not to be responsible for the outcome. Good or bad. Just do my part, coherent and well. Naturally, be creative, imaginative and...good. That we owe to ourselves and to our "abundant" futures, to be good. Not the subjective good, but clear and concise, human and real. Don't be phony. Don't make noises. Be the noise. Stuff like that. Anyway, if you are reading this then thank you for being here. Thank you for thinking of me, hasn't been an easy time. Personally yes, most fair and fine. But LA, tv, acting has gone thru a big shift the last few years. If feels good to be an actor. I have renewed a joy for acting, and hope to embrace theatrical opportunities with the Geffen as a start. My Dad is happy, if he is looking down, to see me backstage and in the green room. That's where my sis and i started, in London at the Duke of York's theatre when we were teens. The whirligig of time moves in a circle.

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