Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Ghost Ranch Reader: Entry 1

After a few days at Ghost Ranch, and having completed the orientation, the College Staff are ready to start their jobs and have a day off. Hopefully that will be Sunday. However, due to the arrival of a large Quaker contingent of 400, they may be drafted to supplement the housekeeping staff. Morale is high for this crew of 24 wonderful young folk, and they are forming a nice bond with one another. Many of them have spent much time here, in the high mesas of Northwestern New Mexico, and others like myself are first-timers. Met with Willie today, a veteran staffer at GR. You can take him out of New York, but you can't take New York out of him. He met with the group wearing his Yankee cap. Luckily i was wearing my First Pres Yankees long-sleeve baseball practice shirt which has the NY logo on it. We got along great. He has a tv, which out here means alot. He told me that Matsui homered yesterday. Must have been a good day in the outside world, at least for some. Pic on right is of Kitchen Mesa, the view from our front porch. More later....Punch

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