Friday, January 23, 2009

"Steven Wants You"

A rainy day at home here, with Mom sick in bed and with little to do except help out at the school next door... After which, while watching the Bob Hope Desert Classic on TV and nodding off, my cellphone rang. My friend of over twenty years, and agent for seven or so, Richard was on the line. "Well, Punch" he said, "Steven wants you for a role in Tin Tin." Happy news for this actor, as it will be my third time with the master of American film. In a career spanning just over thirty years (thirty-one in May) i found myself immediately celebratory by saying, "So my agent is calling me to offer me a role in a Spielberg's next film." "Yes i am," he said.

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RealityTVExperts said...

Yo Alex (Punch) Hyde White: Your cousin Leslie K. Siegel whom when you were a little boy of like 12 we ran crazy all over the United Nations building while our parents ate at Larry's Restaurant on First Avenue when we lived at the UN Plaza. Boy did I have a crush on you. I still see you in my mind's eye, and even wrote about you in a book, but changed your name... I think I did... It a book I wrote about our family, or my side of family... Korenman is in google, I found so much on us! Good luck with all you do, even if you do igonore me.