Sunday, September 21, 2008

Sunday LA Times: Acai Growing Big!!

Just back from the Mona-Vie Annual Conference in Salt Lake City (pictured w/ Dr. Julia Pennington): to the front page article in today's Sunday L.A. Times how the Acai berry is a "global wonder berry." Follow the link below:,0,4845899.story?track=ntothtml

Our Mona-Vie has the highest grade Acai compared to most all of the other mass produced products. It's all good, but Mona-Vie is best. Please consider how we may help you achieve your short term goals of becoming Star 500 by helping you host your own tasting, or bring your prospects to our next one. We are all on the same Team. Your success is vital to our success.

Please Drink it, Feel it, Share it. Consume, Merchandise, Teach.

Best wishes from Team TMG,

Shelly and Alex

The Number One brand in the fast growing Acai berry segment of the functional beverage industry

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Anonymous said...

Acai is amazing!