Saturday, August 2, 2008

Pesce's Renewal Vows

Santa Monica, CA.--Dr. Wood said it best at today's 10 year anniversary celebration and wedding renewal of our dear friends Louise and Steve Pesce, "this is the Easter of your marriage." "Resurrection Life, for it is God who renews and it is God's love that inspires."

Several close friends witnessed an emotionally joyful, simple and elegant ceremony, that well balanced formality and familiarity, in the Sanctuary of First Presbyterian Church of Santa Monica. Following the 20 minute service, the Pesces hosted a five-star lunch at The Lobster at Santa Monica pier. It was a grand meal and capped a memorable, unique day for this lovely couple whose graceful and generous spirit grows ever more verdant. Their love and committment to one another, as well as to their friends and their church home here by the sea, is real and human. The bride wore a simple lavendar gown, barenecked until presented with a simple and elegant Tiffany chain bearing a small cross, while the groom received a small silver lapel pin in the form of the traditional Christian cross. The ceremony was performed by the Reverand Dr. William Wood and the couple were attended by my darling Shelly and myself. Steve's mother, Rose, in from New Jersey presented Louise with her bouquet. Photos by Shelly Hyde-White

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