Friday, May 9, 2008

Welcome to Mona-Vie:Team TMG


Welcome to Team TMG, a fast growing network of distributors in the fastest growing company in the functional beverage industry, Mona-Vie. Team TMG is a Santa Monica based distributor dedicated to helping you grow your own Mona-Vie business. We are part of Team Abundance; Grayson Marshall's Florida based team of trainers, and under the direct supervision of Team Massive Passive; the dynamic New Zealand team headed by our good friends Corinna and Phil Jones. Some of you met them when they co-hosted our Home Tasting last month and found them to be genuinely dedicated to empowering us all to great success in Mona-Vie. Their philosophy is our philosophy, by understanding and emphasizing the health benefits that regular consumption of Mona-Vie provides, it is easy to let the business aspects of the conversation follow. Think of it as you being a veteran real estate broker, an expert in Bel-Air homes: all you need is a clean car, your cellphone on vibrate, a calm and confident disposition and you will gracefully achieve your goal, they will tell you what house they want to buy as they are all good—such is the way of Mona-Vie. It is a great product in an easy to use container. Please consider how we may help you achieve your short term goals of becoming Star 500 by helping you host your own tasting, or bring your prospects to our next one. We are all on the same Team. Your success is vital to our success. Please Drink it, Feel it, Share it. Consume, Merchandise, Teach. Best wishes from Team TMG, Shelly and Alex




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