Tuesday, December 25, 2007

Christmas Star

December 24, 2007:0615 hrs
Well just looking at the early pre-dawn sky i was this Monday morning. And what did i see but the planet Venus heralding the arrival of the rising Sun returning from it's Winter Solstice. Like the ancient story of the wise men following "a Star" there i was looking East by South-East. Had i been on the equator it probably would have been due East. So art imitates life and what sounds almost impossible actually happens. Merry Christmas and, like the wise man says, "we don't have to know everything", we can believe in something greater. God's love for us is real and this magical celestial sign reminds us of that. Merry Christmas! Punch

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Scambo said...

What a great recap for 2007! May 2008 bring you, your family, and friends only the very best and safest 2008. Hope to see you in Hawaii next year so we can hit the links and have a few laughs!

Roger W. Scambler